Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year


Wow what on earth did we wake up to this morning. I feel like I never left Quesnel, except the snow here is so much heavier and I'm soooo much weaker groan. Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays as much as I did. Lots of visiting and extended dog walks with friends and family, amazing. I enjoyed the down time so much that I had to set my alarm to get back in the swing of things. Love the snow but really did it have to do it on Monday first day back to reality, mother nature has an odd sense of humour.

I have many appointments on Thursday if you have dug yourself out by then haha. You will need to see me by then. I need to see me, my back aches from all this silly white stuff. Enjoy smile its not here for long.

In health and strength, Helene