Monday, September 15, 2014


Hello all,

It is a quieter work week this week, so if you were being a weekend warrior and need a little help recovering I could help.

I had lots of excitement last night as my parents were victims of a scam. Someone told them they had won a large readers digest lotto. These people kept calling my parents over a five hour period asking many questions trying to get banking info. My poor father finally broke down and gave them info that should never be shared. He then received an email stating that all his savings had been stolen. What a tragedy.... many phone calls to banks and friends hoping to divert a theft of funds. Still unable to see if funds had been transferred, once you cancel cards you no longer can see what is in your account, the bank does not open till Tuesday. Wish them luck and please share this sad tale of brazen thieves taking advantage of the elderly.

In health, Helene